Lalbagh Walks

Its pretty sad that we know very little about our city. I have been living in Bangalore for about 25 years now. Yet I dont know many things. A frind of mine suggested me to take Bangalore Walks to know more about the city. Walks are mainly for the outsiders visiting the city. But I took one and enjoyed it. I did Lalbagh walk as part of Bangalore Walks.
Morning Raga at lalbagh
Myself and Mathang were in Lalbagh much before that start time of 7am. Thanks to low hosur road traffic.We were listening to "Udhyanavanadalli Udhayaraga" ( roughly transalates to "Morning Raga in the Park"). Very interesting and innovative program by Dept of Kannada and Culture where in everyday some body performs on this stage between 6:30am and 8:00am. Vijay Thiruvady our guide reached the spot on time. And we were around twelve of them ready to start. He started with the history of Bangalore and Lalbagh. And then continued with different kind of trees in Bangalore. Next two hours were very interesting. Each tree in lalbagh has its own significance and story. Lalbagh has trees/plants from every corner of the world.
Lalbagh Walks

Our Guide

Flower directly from trunk

Glass House

Lush green

The walk ended at MTR with Brunch. I had a great time discussing about Bangalore with some visitors in the group. Every visitor had same question for me. You are Bangalorean right? What made you to come here?

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  1. sindhu says:

    awesome! its so cool that you guys have this…we have something like this everymorning in the Kadri park.

    ladbagh is a place here filled with amenities…absolutly no garden of any kind :P strange are mangalore and its funny names of places.

  2. hrish says:

    need to go for this! have a gift voucher for it for last 1 yr but not got my a** to get around it! ;)

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  2. August 31, 2009

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