Critical Mass ride to Freedom Park

Last Saturday of every month, we do group ride in Bangalore called critical mass ride. Critical mass is that minimum mass which will make others to notice our existence (Cyclists). Hundreds of cities around the world organize such rides to make or to educate citizens about the importance of cycling. Its mostly a fun ride around the city but also involves educating curious onlookers.
lavanya at race course
Even though we don't have hundreds of cyclist like in other parts of the world. We still have decent crowd to attract the traffic. This week we rode from our regular starting point PTI to Freedom Park (old Jail).

I was happy to see how they have converted old jail into public community space. Its location makes it much more important to have such a place. May be few days from now we will have music or drama evenings like Lalbagh bands at open - air amphitheatre that can seat 300 people. There are art works on freedom wall, there is that old charming watch tower, etc. Kudos to BBMP they have done a great job until now. I hope they maintain it in the same way. Actually I didn't have good camera and hence the lack of pictures. I will probably get more pictures next time I visit Freedom Park. Make sure you visit it too.

4 Responses

  1. Suksy says:

    Guroo.. The way you have lifted that cycle is awesome! The question is: Were you actually able to life the cycle or is this a photoshop trick??? :P

    Seriously speaking, Bangalore needs to have some more support from the Govt. for cyclists. The tip of the iceberg is by giving us dedicated cycling paths. Hopefully there is more to follow!

    Yup, Freedom park has been made awesome.. Me gonna visit it again this weekend (hopefully)

  2. sonnes says:

    you are stronger than what you appear to be :P

  3. Thejesh GN says:

    @Suksy : No photoshop was used while creating that image. Its good old sony camera :)

    @sonnes : Yes, I am :P

  1. October 21, 2009

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