How many hits does EventsBangalore get

Many were interested in the taraffic flow to EventsBangalore at BCB4. Here is the screeshot from Analytics for this month. This count is only for blog and doesnot include my hits to community and wiki. You can add around 2k to that. This month I have 8375 visitors and around 15k page views. ( click on the image for better view)
So it is usually 10K visitors per month. With around 20K page views.
Update: Thanks to Alagu for reminding me this. Feedburner tells me that there are 100+ subscribers on my list. Many use my live journal feed as friend. Dont know the exact number of readers there. There are around 500+ newsletter subscribers for EventsBangalore. So I guess the reach is more thank 10K+

5 Responses

  1. Arpit Jacob says:

    damn I missed barcamp bang. will make it there next time :)

  2. prasoon says:

    Well, like I usually react – “/me faints” seeing these stats :)

  3. thejeshgn says:

    Arpit: BCB4 was fun. Hope to meet you at BCB5

  4. Alagu says:

    Hey, what about the RSS Feeds? I am only subscribed to your Feeds.

  5. thejeshgn says:

    Thanks Algu. I have updated the post.