What is LinkLogger Feed?

Everyday I find at least two or three good websites to use. Initially I used blog about them. But then blogging everyday about some website/tool is pain. Now I link only when I have a proper review post. The rest of my best links go to LinkLogger. LinkLogger is where I log about the links I find everyday. Links on subjects like cooking to web development.

The specialty of LinkLogger is that even though it’s a kind of Log (blog); It doesn’t have HTML (no human readable page) presence. It’s purely a feed with the actual links and notes. Its been modeled after tumblelog. But primary moto here being sharing the best of links and nothing else.

The whole service is built on feedburner customization feature and ma.gnolia.com. I have fed the atom from my bookmarking site magnolia to feedburner to my custom url. Custom url helps me in having my own url regardless of what is in backend. ma.gnolia.com is my favorite bookmarking site with OpenId support and multiple atom/rss feed features. And of course feedburner gives me numbers too.

This will help my regular blog readers to be free of posts with just the links. They can read those interesting reviews with links to the reviewed site. And rest of them who like to explore the web like me can follow my linklogger feed. Let me know how this experiment sounds? Will you be interested in doing something similar? Need help in setting up?

Now if you are interested in my links (usually one or two in a day) go ahead and feed linklogger into your reader.

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