FilmCamp – first of its kind

You have heard of Barcamp right? There were wikicamp, blogcamp, wordcamp too. Introducing you to FilmCamp first of its kind for filmmakers and filmbuffs.Visit to register your film or your participation.
UPDATE: FilmCamp is now happening on 6th and 7th Oct
FilmCamp Poster

Announcing "FilmCamp", a platform to encourage and promote independent film makers. Also to share, learn and appreciate the art of film making. This event is the first of its kind this season happening at the Center for Management Studies, Jain Group of Institutions, Bangalore, where independent film makers get to showcase their works to a wider audience which includes other film-makers, professionals and critics from the film industry.

I created FilmCamp site in a day.The logos are by Hari. I think it looks good with that green theme. Let me know how it looks. Its hosted on free wiki service. If you are looking for a free and good wiki service you can go there, take my word for it. See you at filmcampoct07

13 Responses

  1. manojvasanth says:

    Place looks really cool!!!

  2. Jace says:

    Thej, if you’d like MediaWiki-based hosting, I can set you up at the same place’s hosted. Let me know.

  3. thejeshgn says:

    @Jace: Thanks for the offer.Will ask others and let you know.

  4. Suddha says:

    I am an absolutely newbie in film makin..but I wanna participate in this workshop on 6th & 7th Oct…I am interested in script writing and have worked in radio in the past. Can I join the workshop?? Info plz folks !!

  5. Thejesh GN says:

    You can Suddha. Mail you registration details to filmcamp at gmail dot com

  6. Dikshant says:

    Hi Thejesh,

    I am an aspirant / wannabe / might be film maker. No experience yet other than having watched 1000s of movies from all over the globe. looking to pursue this fulltime very soon.

    Do i get to come ?


  7. Thejesh GN says:

    Sure filmcamp is for wannabe film makers too.

  8. chandra says:

    Hi what is the fee for registration…i would like to attend it.

  9. Thejesh GN says:

    @chandra there is no fee

  10. Girish says:

    The event was very much recommendedand it went well

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