Help me in raising money for CRY

I am planning on running at the Bangalore Marathon scheduled in Dec 07. I am running this marathon in an effort to raise awareness about the development issues in India and for funds to support CRY- Child Rights and You.
CRY is a non-profit organization committed to bringing about sustainable and equitable development in India, by working with grassroots organizations across India.I hope you would support me by making a generous donation to the cause.

You can donate online or off line. Any amount money is good money. Even Rs.100 is cool. So please go donate. And if you are a blogger or a company . And you make a donation of 500 ( for blogger) and Rs. 1000 ( for a company). You will get a link on EventsBangalore.Net blog along with good karma. And the link will stay till the year end on the sidebar and permanently on this post. Let me know your url once you donate.

If you like to donate offline. Let me know I will arrange for a check collection.

Update[26-Nov-2006]: Reached my initial target of 10K for CRY. Upgrading my target to 20K now.

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  1. January 24, 2009

    […] about the title: I don’t have anything against donation. Donating is good as long as it goes to children and old. For adults its better to teach fishing or buy a net than donating fish. Donations […]