Web2.0 and Bollywood : Saawariya Team Twittering

Looks like bollywood is slowly has started getting what web2.0 can do for them. Few days back at Filmcamp myself and Sanjay Jha had a long discussion about bollywood and blogging. How much it can cut the PR and newspapers? How much near it can bring the actor to his fans? I have been reading Aamir Khan's blog ever since he started to blog. I have been his blog's biggest fan. Of course Aamir was the starting point of my and Sanjay's discussion ( BTW we met Sanjay on LinkedIn- How cool is that).

I had this dream of Aamir twittering about his life/work. I had left a comment on one of his blog post too. I am not sure if he read it. But looks like Saawariya team picked it up. It was a shocker when EventsBangalore got followed by somebody named Saawariya. Well I did not believe until I got a confirmation.

I am happy to see a main stream movie team picking up non-main stream method to give the details about the movie. Now I don't have to send an SMS to one of those costly NUMBERS to get updates. All I have to do is follow saawariya on twitter. I get all those tweets on to my mobile. This might be that one reason for me to watch Saawariaya instead of OSO :)

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  1. sindhu says:

    wooooooooooot! the bollywood to bengaluru conneXioN!!! :D awesome.. feels great to hear this.. ive only seen actors and actresses carrying thier laptops and macs.. its remains a doubt if they do know how to use it… quite a nice suprise that a movie has taken to twitter. :)

  2. interesting… wasnt aware of Aamir blog. Thej, any site to check bollywood hits & misses?

  3. Prasoon says:

    I’m gonna watch the movie – its the twitter effect i’d say ;-)

    n if I dont get tickets, i am gonna claim them :P

  4. Saawariya says:

    Hi Thej, Thanks a lot for this post, it really means a lot to the efforts that we as a team of Saawariya putting together!!

    As the tradition follows on updates… will update on your blog readers first, then put it on twitter. The message being that. “http://www.saawariyafilm.com has a new section ‘Look’ that includes the creations of Sets, fashion designers and the moving paintings – cinematography.”

    Do check out the Sets section on you will see how the whole the thing from sketches comes to reality.

  5. Thejesh GN says:

    I will surely have a look.

  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @Rajiv: I usually visit http://passionforcinema.com/ for peer reviews.

  7. Sunish says:

    Thejesh…this is really cool…the way EventsBangalore is scaling up..i don’t think it wouldn’t be a surprise if there are more such happenings….

  8. Umesh says:

    Ya they had added me too. Oh btw do you know if Aamir’s blog has an rss feed? How did he miss the basic stuff?

  9. idclidcl says:

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