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Is @tweet4blood successful? 5

Is @tweet4blood successful?

Its been a year since I launched @tweet4blood with VSR‘s help. It’s not a great geek work, it’s a simple two page application based on twitter api. It didn’t take more than an hour to design and code the app. But for me its been one of the happiest moment as I was...

Do you moderate your own tweets? 7

Do you moderate your own tweets?

There are both positives and negatives being on twitter. I get to share interesting stuff, like live pictures, articles, posts, ideas, travel experience etc. I also get to read. I have got so many great answers to my questions, that i reach to a twitter client as soon as I have a question....

And my visitors readers come from 7

And my visitors readers come from

According to this post by TechCrunch about 9.7% of traffic is driven to TechCrunch is by twitter. This makes a twitter third biggest traffic source. After reading that post, I started wondering about my own blog. In last few months I had not digged much into analytics. Today I logged into account to...

40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s 0

40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s

After looking at Dave Winer’s Top 40 links on twitter app, I wrote my own version of it called TopLinks It displays the the top links (sorted by number of visits, like digg) shared by me on twitter in last 400 tweets. Its been scheduled to run once every hour.The logic is little...

My Twitter Followers :) 6

My Twitter Followers :)

Its a mosaic of all my twitter followers (48pxx48px) profile pictures. Its a long post to be completely displayed on front page. So click on the link.

Tweet 4 Blood 7

Tweet 4 Blood

OK. I was getting bored on Saturday and a friend of mine’s father went through heart surgery on last Thursday. Both events inspired me to code tweet4blood So here it is tweet4blood is at http://tweet4blood.com From where you can tweet your blood requirement with out logging in. It tweets it to @tweet4blood. If...