Code Search Engines you should know

Reusing the code/frameworks ( either the in public domain or FOSS licensed code) is pretty common. But searching for useful code online is not very easy.The regular search engines like Google or Yahoo are not designed for code searching. Now there are few specialized code search engines which can fetch better result. Here are the top five code search engines

  1. Google Code Search
  2. Krugle
  3. Koders
  4. Oreilly Code Search
  5. CodeBase
  6. CodeFetch

All the above engines allow you to search on Language (like Java, C etc) and license (like GPL, MIT etc). Except for oreilly code search, rest of them search the internet. Oreilly code search contains the code from their books.Which currently contains over 123,000 individual examples, composed of 2.6 million lines of code all edited and ready to use. CodeFetch allows you to search all source code examples included in all books on all languages.

But be sure about license terms and conditions before reusing the code.

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