Streets and Canals of Venice

Venice is a small city in northern Italy. Venezia (in Italian) is also know as city of bridges and city of water. I just got a day to spend at Venice. I know its not enough but something is better than nothing.
The city's main transport system as you would have guessed is boats. The city also has narrow (aka lot of gallis) streets. It is very easy to get lost in Venice even with a good map. I followed the direction marks inside the city to reach the landmarks. I have lots of pictures with notes so go get your Latte Grande.

View of Grand Canal from the from Ponte dell'Accademia. Its the biggest canal in Venice. You will see many gondolas (Venetian boats) carrying tourists on this canal.

Venice has really narrow streets. I just remembered streets Jaislmar when I walked around. Its good to see a city almost free of automobiles.

Every corner building has something interesting. In this pic you can see clock, lamp and direction board to reach Rialto Bridge.

Like narrow streets, Venice has narrow water lanes for boats. The traffic on these canals is high as they are used by both locals and tourists.

The houses are are just beside the canal which reminds me of backwaters of Kerala. You just get into your home directly from a boat. They use their windows for all other purposes.

Facade of St Mark's Basilica main attraction of Venice.

The dome of St Mark's Basilica is very beautiful. I tried my best to get as near as possible. 12X helps.

In front of St Mark's Basilica 98.6 meters tall tower called St Marks's Campanile and it stands at the corner of St Mark's Square.

Yet another view of dome of St Mark's Basilica.

Bridge for crossing narrow canal. You will see hundreds of them in the city.

Yet another beautiful picture.

I think these streets are couple of meters in width.

Typical masks worn during the carnival of venice. They are made up of leather. They hand painted with bright colours and then decorated with feathers, gems etc

Me in front of Basilica.

I hope you enjoyed this pics. But they are no where near to the actual beauty of Venice.

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  1. W says:

    Nice Pics.

    BTW, I guess Microsoft Photosynth demo was of St. Mark’s.

  2. Prashanth says:

    City without automobiles! hard to imagine. I love water & boating, but they do daily. this could be my dream city to visit :)

  3. Veera says:

    Nice pictures. :)

  4. Lovely pics dude… Will go there soon.

  5. Anand says:

    le yeno ishutu late age post madthidiya…was expecting photos earlier…maga post ur Helsinki photos also

  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @All thanks.
    @Anand I am in the mood of completing all the backlogs. You need to wait for Helsinki post.

  7. ManojVasanth says:

    Beautiful pictures.Should visit this place once :). Did you buy any of those masks?

  8. Thejesh GN says:

    @ManojVasanth naaa

  9. toufeeq says:

    I heard that the canals stink, is that true ?

  10. Thejesh GN says:

    It doesn’t stink..its not that clean either..

  11. pp says:

    looks like u had a gala time in venice..

  12. mathew says:

    I haad been to Venice two years ago..these pics bring back memories of the trip..:-)

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