Live blogging Chandrayaan 1

I was waiting for this day since they announced Chandrayaan. Its one of the biggest moment for every Indian's life. How can I let it go out of my hand. I blogged it live from my home. There were other friends online along with me to watch the launch together virtually. It feels good when you have somebody along to celebrate. Congratulations to team ISRO, GoI, all others who were directly/indirectly involved and to all my fellow Indians. We are in the elite club now.

Chandrayaan Launch video- First five minutes

Go ahead read the commentary.

Chandrayaan-1 (10/21/2008)

Thejesh GN: Checking if everything is working ok.. time seems to be wrong
Thejesh GN: Need to correct it..its one hour ahead..
6:41 [Standby] Wait for 10 minutes
Thejesh GN: Is the time correct now?
Thejesh GN: Time now is 5:55
Thejesh GN: OK now everything is fine. I officially welcome you to Chandrayaan-1 live blog :)
Thejesh GN: Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft undergoing pre-launch tests
[Comment From lakshman]
when does it start
Thejesh GN: @lakshman its tomorrow morning 6:20 AM
Thejesh GN: More images of spacecraft and PSLV
[Comment From ashwin murali]
when is the live coverage on tv starting and what channels is it going to be on???
Thejesh GN: @Ashwin as far as I know every channel will do it starting 5:30.. watch out DDNews for just action and no commentary
Thejesh GN:


Fully assembled PSLV with spacecraft.

Thejesh GN:
Emily Lakdawalla from The Planetary Society Blog writes about Chandrayaan Getting close to the launch of Chandrayaan-1!
[Comment From Rahul Rao]
Great initiative, Thej. Thanks. I'm loving Chandrayaan.
Thejesh GN:
Thejesh GN:
Above still is from an animation showing how the C1XS X-ray camera on Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft will use solar X-rays to map the lunar surface. A high-definition version of the animation is available here (Quicktime format, 82.1 MB). Other formats are available here. Credit: Doug Ellison and Planetary Society Blog
Thejesh GN:


People behind Chandrayaan

1. Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai - The Project Director of Chandrayaan I
2. J A Kamlakar - An expert on LASERS
3. Dr. Manuel Grande - Principal Investigator CIXS
4. Dr. Urs Mall - SIR 2
5. Dr. Stas Barabash - SARA
More about them on Pradeeps blog People Behind Chandrayaan-1

Thejesh GN:
Complete brochure about Chandrayaan-1 by ISRO.
7:09 [Standby] I am going for a small break will be back in 30 minutes.
Thejesh GN:
Link to C1XS Animations post by Doug Ellison.


C1XS technically comes in two halves - that half that monitors the Xrays as they reflect back off the surface of the moon, and an Xray Solar Monitor, to see how many Xrays are hitting the moon in the first place.That is actual flight hardware. I think the velcro-like-material is use to help attach the insulating foil that surrounds spacecraft. Chris did an amazing job to get CAD files of the instrument to me - which I then broke apart and re-modelled most of, in 3ds Max. I wasn’t able to replicate the full complexity of the instrument, but I think it’s reasonably indicative of reality.

The link to the ACTUAL animation is in the above message. Watch it its great.

Thejesh GN:
Project director Mylswamy Annadurai speaks to Pallava Bagla


Pallava Bagla: And where did you study? Did you study in any of these high flying IIT's or MIT or CALTECH?

Mylswamy Annadurai: Unfortunately I was not destined but I don't have a regret of not being there. Full and full my study, I think until I complete my post graduation in engineering I have not gone beyond my district.

Thejesh GN:
Pallava Bagla:
And how difficult was it to accommodate these instruments?


Mylswamy Annadurai: More than difficult we have taken it more as challenging. See the work cultures, leaving alone the countries because it is different space agencies working. The way in which NASA works, the way in which ESA (European Space Agency) works, the way in which JAXA (Japanese Space Agency) works, the way in which Bulgarian space science works is quite different from the way in which ISRO works. Accommodating each one of them, accommodating their own requirements in a compact mission like Chandrayaan-1 is quite challenging, difficult.

Thejesh GN:
Pallava Bagla talks to Urs Mall


Pallava Bagla: So would you have been able to fly your instrument if Chandrayaan were not there?

Urs Mall: No. absolutely not. This is part of our excitement. Chandrayaan-1 has given us the opportunity to fly the instrumentation which we have developed now in a record time. You know we would have to wait a couple of years probably until we would have had this chance. On the other hand we are preparing the SMART1, the ESA mission, you know for going into lunar sites. So now this has come wonderfully together, you know, and we are able and happy to contribute this payload to your satellite.

Chandrayaan-1 Launch Day (10/22/2008)

Thejesh GN: Chandrayaan-1 Live Webcast between 00:20-01:20 Hrs GMT [05:50-06:50 Hrs IST] on Oct. 22, 2008 on
Thejesh GN: I captured video from NDTV about Chandrayaan using qik ( it also serves as test video )
12:08 [Standby] Going to sleep now see you at 5 AM
Thejesh GN: I am back online...35 minutes to go
Thejesh GN: The direct stream URL if you are intrested in capturing the stream
[Comment From km]
thejesh, do you see any updates on ISRO's page? I am not seeing any.
Thejesh GN: I just pasted the actual stream url book mark it. They are yet to actually go live.
[Comment From km]
cool. thanks. I linked to your blog today:
Thejesh GN: Thanks KM..good to have you here
Thejesh GN: Quoting Sonnes " the launch is on schedule. The images on tv sending chills through my spine"



Thejesh GN: DDNews is showing live pics
Thejesh GN: Commentary is in both english and hindi as usual
Thejesh GN: 15 minutes to go
Thejesh GN:
Thejesh GN:
A view of the antenna meant to track the proposed Chandrayaan, put up at Byalala Village, 40 km southwest of Bangalore. Photo: K. Murali Kumar
Thejesh GN: Less than 10 minutes to go
[Comment From Lekhni]
ISRO's webcast seems to just announce times to launch.
[Comment From km]
NDTV has a live stream
Lekhni: KM, can you post the link to ndtv's stream?
km: 5 mins to go
Lekhni: 2 mins to go. NDTV audio volume is so much better
km: yes
km: 60 seconds!\
[Comment From Nikhil]
60 seconds!
[Comment From Nikhil]
1 minute more
[Comment From Veetrag]
[Comment From Nikhil]
20 seconds
[Comment From Guest]
Blast off
[Comment From Veetrag]
Blast off normal!
Thejesh GN: 400 sec.. everything seems normal
Thejesh GN: I am on QIK doing live. Go to QIK now to see the live video recorded live from DDNews
Veetrag: @Thej Great to watch the show with all of you guys!
Lekhni: 3rd stage separated !
Thejesh GN: Yup..4th and final stage is ignited now successfully. All performances normal.
km: likewise, veetrag, lekhni and thejesh
Thejesh GN: I feel so proud
Veetrag: same here Thej. Congratulations to all the scientists!
Thejesh GN: I like the commentary team of DDNews.
km: what is the expected time/date of the landing/approach to moon?
Thejesh GN: Congrats to the Govt. of India for funding too
Lekhni: takes 5.5 days to moon
Thejesh GN: @km it takes five days I guess
Veetrag: I already feel taller.
km: faster than my flight to India :)
Thejesh GN: @Veetrag Yes. We are just 4th nation to do this in the world @km :)
Thejesh GN: 900 sec after launch...8.5 kms...
Veetrag: I guess, we are not 4th we will be Fifth.
Thejesh GN: @Veetrag Are you counting european agency too?
Thejesh GN: Power cut :( and its raining heavily in Bangalore.
Veetrag: @thej I am not sure, I read somewhere. US, UK, Japan and one more country.
Thejesh GN: 4th one was EU I guess and its not a country
Thejesh GN:
Pallava Bagla: So how many days after the satellite reaches the moon can one hope to have the Indian tri colour reaching the moon surface?

Mylswamy Annadurai:
We are attempting to make this to happen after reaching our moon orbit is concerned, after coming 100 km of polar orbit, within a week we are trying to release our Moon Impact Probe, which half an hour from that time we go and land on the moon with our tri colour flag.


Pallava Bagla: So that I am told will make India the fourth country to have done that - after USA, Russia, Japan, possibly Japan, because Hiten we don't know whether it landed, and ESA is anyway an agency. India would be the fourth country to do that?

Mylswamy Annadurai: Yeah I think that may be the correct thing to happen because by that time even the Chinese could not have mission to complete. And we would have in our flag, national flag, putting it there would be the fourth country.

[Comment From Rahul]
I think India is 6th country/org to undertake a Moon Mission. ESA, Japan, China, US, Russia and now INDIA :)
km: we hope this satellite reaches the Smithsonian Museum in Wash DC! that will be an awesome sight.
Thejesh GN: Very interesting interview of Mylswamy Annadurai Project Director Chandrayaan
km: this was great fun, Thejesh. Thanks for providing this forum.
Thejesh GN: OK I got it. India will be the fourth country to have its flag on moon.
Veetrag: @Km I wish we in India could build something similar to Smithsonian. I love that place so much, could spend days there.
km: Veetrag, the Apollo exhibits there are something else!
km: have a good night/good morning every one.
km: i am going to keep an eye out for unusual activity on the moon tonight :D
Veetrag: @km hee hee. You too have fun!
Rahul: What happens if our vehicle finds other country's flag in the moon :) Wont it be cool!!!
Thejesh GN: @Rahul that would be an interesting situation to deal with:)
Thejesh GN: Congratulations to ISRO, GOI, All the scientists and Orgs involved and last people of India
Thejesh GN: Its one of those high moments in our life. Thanks for the company guys.
Nikhil: Pleasure is mine Tej.
[Comment From Kaushik]
Incredible! The vehicle is well on it's way. What a feeling!

All made possible due to one great tool.



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