Ask Thej – My New Blogging Experiment

Ask Thej is my new experiment where my blog readers can ask anything and I will try to answer their question (or will direct to somebody). You can ask any question from travel, technology, Java, GPS etc etc. I will try to answer them.I will pick up and answer them in a blog post tagged with Ask Thej. Of course your question and my answer are creative common licensed. Please leave your blog url so I can credit your question. Welcome to the new experiment. Happy asking :)

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1 Response

  1. Hari Prasad says:

    Hey Thej,

    Nice experiment.

    I have a question, a bit about you, though.

    Question: How is that you manage a big job at Infy and still make it to all adventure and tours abroad. Is there a secret behind this effectiveness and management of time. I would surely like to know.

    Hoping to hear from you. :)