And my visitors readers come from

According to this post by TechCrunch about 9.7% of traffic is driven to TechCrunch is by twitter. This makes a twitter third biggest traffic source. After reading that post, I started wondering about my own blog.

In last few months I had not digged much into analytics. Today I logged into account to check the traffic sources to my site.

No wonder Google stands in the first position. Direct visitors take the second position. Surprise, Surprise Twitter takes the third position. It proves how big twitter has grown as a traffic driver. No wonder everybody is on twitter from NYtimes to bangaloremirror. My guess is very soon it will surpass digg and stumbleupon. So if you are a blogger, twitter can become prime source of traffic. Go create an account and don't forget to follow me @thej :)

Amongst just the referral sites Twitter stands first.
Though I am not sure how Google Images is sending users to my site. (Who the heck is searching for my pictures?)

Of course the other biggest source of traffic is through feedreaders. It looks like Google Reader is the most famous feed reader. Another surprising factor here is the rise of Outlook 2007 as feed reader.

I have been using Outlook 2007 to read feed for some time now. I must say I am happy with it. You should use it only to subscribe to the most important blogs/newsites. For the rest continue using GReader.

In all I must concentrate on twitter and outlook readers in future to get more traffic.

BTW how did you arrive here?

7 Responses

  1. Dhanya says:

    via blogroll :)

  2. Bps says:

    Same, via twitter

  3. shiva says:

    thru BM paper that nokia article…

    I requested my friend to add my website url on their gtalk status, and one added to his status, immediately I got 10 hits for my site. So new way for pulling crowd to your website, but it is very limited compare others like you said google, twitter.

  4. Pankaj says:

    from Veera’s blog. :)

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