Riding the bull aka ride to Nandhi

Don't worry about grammar or meaning of the title. This post is about our ride to Nandi months back, so it's a delayed post. It was on a friend's birthday, I was partying until early morning and slept around 2. All of a sudden my mobile started ringing at 4:30am. I drove thinking I would be the last to reach Columbia hospital (meeting pt). Thanks to less traffic and my driving, I wasn't :) Then we parked our silver oak resorts and started from there.
nandhi group ride
First few kilometers were easy as it was flat and then started climb. I was still sleeping and that didnt help me to concentrate. I was tiring out very soon after each break.
It was struggle, rode the whole climb in 1,1 or 1,2. I took about an hour to reach the top. At a speed 8/9 kmph its a slow climb but was very fulfilling.
break at mid way
If it wasn't the group, I would have given up. This ride made me to realize, how much important is your riding group and concentration.
Bike salute at nandhi
At last I reached and we clicked that customary bike salute picture.

Photos are by Anita and Ramesh