Building community around My Electronics City

As most of you know, I was born and brought up around electronics city. I did my schooling, graduation and I even live and work at electronics city.

For a long time electronics city was not a preferred residential area. It was just an industrial area where we used go only for work. With the heavy inflow of population, growth of Bangalore, people started moving out of the city. Now virtually electronics city is South Bangalore.

Along with population came other facilities. But the biggest problem was finding out them. Google was good, so is many other listing sites. But there was no site built by a local community for our own purpose. So I thought about one

This site is to help the residents of Electronics city and nearby areas. This is a community driven information site where you can get, everything you want to know about Electronics City, Bangalore.
I plan to give access to all those who want to edit/add to it. So if you want participate, just send me a mail. I hope it helps my neighborhoods and all those who work at Electronics City.

6 Responses

  1. Veera says:

    Good idea. Wish you all the best for the success.

  2. Supriya says:

    Great job :) Now that we have shifted close to e-city too, that info helps a lot. I will take edit access from you shortly once I explore the place a bit more :)

  3. Thejesh GN says:

    @Supriya : Sure. Anytime you want to.

  4. Dhanya says:

    Great job yaar! Keep it up! :)

  5. Sunil Kumar Gj says:

    Good info about SFS

    Thanks Thejesh.