Damn I am 30!

Well I am surprised, shocked and in disbelief. How could I turn 30 so fast? What I have done in last 30 best years? What will I do in next 30 years? Which probably is the life I am left with. In last 30 days, I haven't slept properly. I am the guy who tried to reduce my sleep and failed after a point. But then this reduced my sleep considerably.

This 30th year has been a major milestone in my life. Took a break from my work, my sister got married, major travel plans next month (3kfor30?), all my close friends are married (no more attending marriages!) etc. But then I am still not able to sleep properly. May be now....

Wish me luck.

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  1. Pramod says:

    Happy Birthday. All the best. Its time to get ‘tied’ to someone;)

  2. Shweta says:

    You will you will sleep. Once you turn 30, there’s nothing you can do, so you dont worry and start enjoying :) As mentioned over lots and lots of cups of coffee :D

    And imagine what all you can do in the next 30 years!

  3. Veetrag says:

    Happy Birthday Thej! :)

    This blog post is an eye opener for me also, let me start counting days as well :(

  4. Thejesh GN says:

    @shweta yes, I guess

    @Veetrag :)

  5. wontonwarrior says:

    Hello from a fellow 30er. Enjoy the next 30! Happy Birthday Thej!

  6. Prashanth M says:

    Happy b’day & all the best for 3k for 30…

  7. Happy Birthday Thej!

    Remember it’s not the age, it’s what you are doing!


  8. Kiran Hegde says:

    Happy Bday Thej and the “3kfor30” plan seems to be cool!!

  9. Thejesh GN says:

    Thanks Prashanth, Mike and Kiran.

  10. Swaroop C H says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Thej!!

    Don’t spend time on a 30th birthday crisis, go out, get busy and have fun! Right? :)

  11. Veera says:

    Belated birthday wishes, Thej!

    And all the best for your month long travel too. :)

  12. Hariharan says:

    Belated wishes Thej..I am sure your next 30 years will also be eventful,lively and wonderful for you.

  13. Sourav says:

    Clock is ticking… you should upgrade your status of bachelorhood :)…. you know what i mean :-)

    BTW, are you keeping a tab on Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet PC… first Tablet PC product from Indian Company ???




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