Why 3kfor30?

I have been talking about this travel with everybody. This is the question I get asked all the time. It may not be the exact question but in essence yes. The most generic question "why train why not flight?" Well I love trains and I want to travel in Himsagar Express. Its the longest train in India. It starts at Kanyakumari (sagar) and ends at Jammu (Him). I want to spend 3 days in train doing nothing but tasting different cuisine at 54 different stations.

Why riding back all the way? Why not beautiful Leh/Ladak? I completely agree that Leh/Ladak is beautiful. The ride is one of the most beautiful rides in world. I would surely do it one day. But the whole purpose of this ride was not to see the beautiful India (Even though we are riding through Rohtang Pass - Manali). It was to pass through India and get the feel what it means to be India. How different we are and how much of India we can absorb in 20+ days.

More than that you have two of your best friends to ride along. what more can you ask for? Its a great time to look back and laugh at ourselves, to debate and think about next 30 years :) Yes, its my way to celebrate my 30th birthday. And hence the name #3kfor30

I would love to hear from you, here or on twitter. I have dashboard page for this travel. You will get to know everything about this travel from there. BTW I would love to meet you or your friends on the way. Just ping me @thej on twitter.

4 Responses

  1. Dinesh Srivastava says:

    I am Sandeep’s (or Sandy as i call him) friend and colleague. Going though all the details, I am myself excited about this trip. I am sure its going to be great fun and, certainly, its a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip. You guys are lucky!! As you will get to see India in its different colors. Bike ride all the way from Jammu would really be exciting and thrilling. Must congratulate you guys on this very great idea. I’ll follow your trip and ‘ll experience the virtual thrill and fun :-) Have a great and safe 3kfor30!!

  2. manasa says:

    Belated wishes, Thej.

    Leh, Ladakh on bike sounds interesting. :) Happy riding.

  3. hariharan says:

    i thought i could catch u up in chennai. Enjoy the trip