Reaching Kaniyakmari

Three days back after riding 4000+ kilometers from Rohtang pass I reached Kaniyakumari. The initial plan was to end the ride in Bangalore along with my friends, but then in the middle of the ride I decided to go till the end. Friends couldn't accompany me as they had previous commitment.
This is my first solo long ride. It was fun and was eventful. Rain followed us as soon as we left Baroda.It got me completely at Nagercoel and then there was a puncture too. But then I couldn't wait for another day, it was just 20kms in rain. I reached KK by 7pm. I must say it was fun. Here is a small video that I recorded next day.

I found one video that I recorded as soon as I reached Kaniyakumari. Here it is :)

It has one factual error. I call Gandhi memorial as Vivekananda memorial :(

Today I reached home after about 5000+ kms. I will try to write a series of posts about this ride in coming days, until then enjoy the video.

4 Responses

  1. Rindo says:


    I’ve been following your travels, but I must’ve overlooked the fact that you rode solo towards the end!

    How’s the bike, after the punishing trip? :)

  2. hariharan says:

    nice man..was the entire trip on

  3. Veera says:

    Awesome and inspiring trip, Thej!