Gadgets of a Motorcyclist

Nokia N8 - Phone, Camera, HD Videocam
I have been a user of Nokia phone for longest of times. I still have couple of Nokia phones. Nokia sent me N8 to try out during the ride. Its an amazing piece of hardware, survived couple of drops. Camera is superb, it shoots really well. It was my primary and only camera that I carried during the ride. It also shoots the video very well. Check a few videos that I have uploaded.

It has great battery life and display is clear in the sunlight. Of course the sound clarity and network switching is extraordinary.

It still runs Symbian.

Nexus One - Email client, Wifi hotspot, Maps and Twitter client
This has been my primary phone since a year now. It comes with very well integrated Gmail Application which is very much necessary on the go. Also it has all those applications required to be in touch with my dev machines.

I used Google maps extensively. I didn't carry any other mapping device or map book. I trusted Google to the core. Even though Google didn't fail but there were cases where I got lost due to GMaps. So its absolutely necessary to *ask* in India. Tracking each other is a big problem when you are riding. There is always a chance one of you get lost or miss other. But If all your co-riders use Google Latitude then that is the best way to track your fellow riders. Latitude is also good way to let your near and dear ones know where you are.

I also used Gplaces but its not as good as foursquare. Foursquare rocks but then there were server problems too. But then suggestions by Foursquare were far better than any other service.

I have an open N1. I can tether on wireless. So it worked as on the go wifi for my N8, netbook etc. Its an awesome to share your internet with your buddies.

Of course I tweeted and played angry-birds on it.

The biggest problem I faced with N1 is battery, Readability in sunlight and in capability switch when I enter a state. This just proves I need a dedicated mapping device for my next ride. I can't trust smart phones.

Asus EEEPC - Editor, Movie player, Planning
Its lighter than my lonely planet guide. Used it for longer browsing session along with my N1. Even though its not fast its good enough to get information when you are at a coffee bar or watch movies when you are bored.

I didn't blog much on the go. But its quite capable.

Ipod - Music
My dedicated music device. Works well.

Harddisk and USB keys - Storage
Carried Trascend shock proof Storejet hard disk mostly to store images and videos. It also helped me in carrying movies so I could watch on my eeepc. It can take accidental drops and its a U.S.military drop-test standards certified hard disk. A must I must say.

Motor Cycle Power to USB converter
Its one of these cool gadgets from IdeaForge available on ebay. I didn't have it but Andy had it fixed to his bike. This would suck power from motor cycle power line and feed to any USB powered devices. Its a great accessory if you have phones like Nexus1 or if you want your GPS device live all the time. Its just Rs 200 ($4)!

Kindle - Books, Maps, Browser, Tour guide
I missed it heavily. I should have gone ahead bought it before the ride. I could have used it to carry all the books, static maps, tour guides required for the whole trip.

It works very well in sunlight and its also is instant on. It has simple and clean browser to check some info on the go. Long battery life and able to carry at least 100 books on motorcycle is an unfair advantage :)

It could have simply replaced my lonely planet India guide book. Now that I own one, I will carry it for sure.

Spike buster/Junction box
Last but not the least carry a junction box/spike buster. Most of the hotels in India wont have enough plug points to charge all your gadgets at once. You can use it to charge at least three gadgets at once.

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  1. Hari says:

    Motor Cycle Power to USB converter is something cool..
    If N8 could integrate my contacts with phone(rather than just providng a email client), it would be great. if so N8 could get lot of android phone users , who uses it just for the great contact management it gives with gmail (more than apps and games).