I don't remember that day very clearly. I guess I was getting ready to go to college. I saw it on TV. I remember going through different emotions. I felt sad for people who lost their lives and their family. I appreciated the police and fire department. According to me they are the real heroes than who killed Osama. Its been ten years. Minimum I could do is to pay my respect to them. Thanks guys. The work you did and dedication you showed is very inspiring.

Manhattan Burning

This incident also changed the world for ever. It gave right to governments all over the world (including India) to do all kind of stupid things in the name of protecting its citizen. Governments have killed more civilians in the name of hunting terrorists. They have spent more money on arms than food for poor. In a way world is more screwed than before. Sadly governments never learnt and they will never learn. However I wish they learn from what has happened in last ten years and will do better for their citizen.

Photo Credit: Thumbnails on flickr, 9/11 WTC Attack Photojournal

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  1. Venkat Maddala says:

    We might never know the truth whether terrorists are behind this attack. I for one feel that thousands of people lost their lives for nothing. I watched these 3 movies and the questions raised in these movies make my blood boil.

    Farenheit 911
    Loose change 911: An American coup
    911: In plane site

    I feel politicians in any country are the same and they are after just 2 things – Money and Power