hg4subl – Sublime Text plugin for Mercurial

I love Sublime Text and Mercurial. All most all my projects use these two tools. Clearly I need a tighter integration between these two. Sublime Texts provides Python based plugin API architecture. Its quite easy to follow and write a plugin. So I took sublime-text-2-git and modified it to work with Mercurial. I have added a few extra features and intend to develop in future.

Now I can work with my repository from inside Sublime Text.

Its easy to install:

  • On Linux go to command prompt
  • cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages
  • hg clone http://code.thejeshgn.com/hg4subl
  • Restart you Sublime Text

Now your tools menu should have Hg and related menus. Some of the menu's are enabled only when you are inside a repo work folder. I have tested it only on Linux. If you are a windows user, let me know how it goes.
You can also use Ctrl+Shift+P to quickly access the commands.
hg4subl options

hg4subl show logs

The bottom panel is used to display the notifications to users. For example branch change in the working project

The plugin also can update itself. Go to Tools-Hg->hg4subl update. The notification panel show the information about the update

You can fork the project on bitbucket-hg4subl and send me pull requests if you have any.

5 Responses

  1. Fucking awesome.
    Thanks for this good work ;)

    One feature request: Add the ‘hg parent’ command to your plugin ;)

  2. dios says:

    it is every useful to my work.but have a little question. how to input the password?
    when i use like [www.bitbucket.org] this website, they need input my password. but when i use [push] order in sublime Text2 ,
    the response is [abort: http authorization required].

    so i think it is some file can set the default password or some space i can in put my password. but i can’t find it.

  3. dios says:

    thanks for the answer . i use ssh, it every fast update in bitbucket website.

  4. Valentina says:

    Really awesome =) Thanks!