The Year that was 2011

Tradition continues. Here are the significant things that happened in 2010.

1. Left Infosys. Enjoyed my stay at Infosys and it was time.
2. Joined Mavrix. Our first product MySwar is in private beta now. We will go public beta next week. Wait for a detailed post.
3. Janaagraha - Part 2. Continued working with Janaagraha as a technologist.
4. Not much travel, except for an unexpected amazing trip to London
5. First time I invested in Equity. I will write more about it later. Time to start planning for retirement.
6. Love, Life and Friends - Roller coaster in simple words.
7. Line of the year "Forgive, Forget and Move on"
8. Met Steve Woz.The best moment of the year. Unforgettable.
9. I have been writing "The Year that was" for last 5 years :) 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

3 Responses

  1. Veera says:


    I’ll be interested to know about how you are hosting MySwar. Can you write a post about it when you get time?

  2. Niranjan says:

    Super maga. idyavdo hosa venture ge kai hakidiya? Hele illvalla maga. Call madtini maga