Audio Boooks and Pain of DRM

Since last december I have been listening to books than reading. It makes my daily commute enjoyable. The last three books have been Steve Jobs, Art of Inception and Ghost in the Wires. That's three books in one and half months, not bad. I used to listen to lot of podcasts while driving. I have reduced podcast listening and shifted to audio books.

I have a platinum account on Audible and I get 2 books for month in that plan. It works great except its DRMed and wont work on Linux. I need to figure out a way to export the audio so I can save them for later use. Audible allows backing up to the CDs through. CDs for heaven's sake, who uses CDs anymore for backing up? And itunes is a PITA.

I am looking for good software which can undrm the books for me for my own personal usage. I found this list of tools but not sure yet. I would love to pay for the software. HELP.

This such a good example of DRM troubling god fearing, paying and non-pirate customer. All I want to do is backup what I have bought and it shouldnt be such a pain to a paid customer.