Lucia makes it

I know Pawan from BRTFF organizing days. After the first BRTFF, he wrote a mail to the list explaining about firing the producer. I can't find it online but its in my Inbox (Sun, Jul 8, 2007 at 8:06 PM). I am quoting from it

The idea I am trying to play with is – "Fire the producer"
A filmmaker needs money to make a film. A film viewer pays money to see a film. The solution is to bridge this gap without the producer.
This plan might not work on a big scale. It might but I don't know about it. On a smaller scale… like the movies we saw yesterday, it is definitely going to work.
We all pay PVR or INOX or any other theatre about Rs. 200 to watch a film. Most of the times bad commercial films.
Can we give the same 200 bucks to an independent film maker?
Can we give that money to him even before he has made the movie?
Instead of talking concepts and ideas… I will put it forward as a proposal.
I have just finished writing a film. It's called "Death of a software engineer". I have no funding. I can't sell it to a producer… he believes nobody will see it. So I am telling all you film lovers who have seen my works, who believed that there was potential in me to make something good…. Order a DVD copy of the film by paying Rs. 200. Give me two months to finish the film. And you will get your copy.
Does this make sense? Is it possible?

That was in Jul 2007. Fast forward 2011, he was in the main stream Kannada movies. He wrote story and screen plays for couple and directed one. I have watched all of them. Mainly because they were a good watch and also because I knew what to expect from Pawan.

End of 2011, not sure what happened to "Death of a software engineer" but he pitched Lucia. Of course I pitched in with whatever I could. I am strong believer in in p2p networks.

2013, the movie is ready and has been doing rounds. I am very happy that I was an early contributor and it turned out to be a great investment (however small it is). Now I am waiting for my chance to watch the movie :)

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