HappyTuesday Week 1 – Scraping the Web continues

Notes from my first ever HappyTuesdays. I couldn't get to sit at HappyBelly Cafe, it seems they open only at 10am. Instead I went to french loaf. I sat outside under the green, I really liked it, weather was awesome.

I continued my work on earlier scraping projects

  • Fixed bugs and updated the data for reservoir project. Now its in a good shape to deploy for auto updating and publishing.
  • I had not updated e-procurement data in a long time. I ran the scraper today and scheduled it on one of my servers
  • Also started coding new scraping project to scrape coimbatore city municipal data. Half of it done, I am struggling with a weird form submission error. But it shouldn't take more than couple of hours to get it running.

Well that took three hours. I spent about 30 mins in ordering, paying etc. May be next time I will end up getting more things done.

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  1. July 9, 2014

    […] of work. Babies and computers dont go together that well. I got an hour or so to work the project I started last week. I am done with the code required to scrape the Coimbatore city property tax. This data request […]