HappyTuesday Week 2 – Coimbatore City Data

Most of my Tuesday went into baby sitting my nephew and niece. I must tell you its lot of work. Babies and computers dont go together that well. I got an hour or so to work the project I started last week. I am done with the code required to scrape the Coimbatore city property tax. This data request came from good folks of ATREE. I like to see what they will do with that :)
As of now I am running the script slowly to scrape the data ward by ward, keeping in mind the load on the servers. As it stands now, I have scraped about 93 lakh rows for 12 wards. Coimbatore has hundred wards. Once I scrape for all the wards, I will upload the data to archive.org. GitHub is bad for huge data storage.

Once property tax is done. Now that I have started, I will try to gather more data about Coimbatore. In long-term it will help some one who wants to work on Coimbatore. If you want to be part of HappyTuesday or if you have any requests, email me.

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