For Less Jargon – Play Bullshit Bingo

Keeping it simple is the most difficult thing. Specially for us who work in technology. We like to throw jargon at every possible chance. This is a huge issue for me personally. Specially when I am training non-tech people. I try my best to avoid but still end up using it.

To make it easy for myself to keep track of the jargon I use and be fun at the same time, I created this game app called Bullshit Bingo. This is what you do when you are sick and home. I used MIT App Inventor to create this app. It's so much fun to use App Inventor and you can create some serious apps without coding. Let me know if you are interested we can do a workshop on App creation using App Inventor. I think it's a great tool for school kids and non-tech people to create real apps.


The app is available on Google play store. The app also can download latest jargon from the web.

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