Its time for an EPIC Drive

Its been a while. In fact I have not touched my motor cycle since 2010, i.e #3kfor30. So there was itch which was growing. I have been traveling quite a bit which included couple of road trips. But nothing big or enough.

This like any other started as a small trip to Leh with A. Then grew into bigger like any other trip. So this time we are driving Bangalore - Leh - Bangalore. Mostly in our car except for Delhi-Leh-Delhi segment for which a couple of friends will join us. The whole road trip is about 36 days starting June 5th. One month from today. Of course there could be last minute changes due to weather, road conditions etc. But we will try and stick to this plan as much as possible.

EPIC Drive Map

Project Page:

Unlike last time we are driving a car which gives us a option to be more relaxed and space. This also gives us an opportunity to be more productive. This time I will take more pictures, capture more data, meet Data{Meet} members depending on availability of time and contribute to Open Data on the go. So its also kind of an epic open data drive.

This road trip is also very personal. This will be my longest road trip with A. It will test us. But I am very happy to be doing this with her. I can't think of anyone else than her to be with me so long.

I have written a custom wordpress plugin so I can checkin from road from time to time. This will help family and friends to know where I am and what I am upto. I could have used either Instagram or Twitter with geo tagging but I love my blog more. That doesn't mean I wont update twitter or Instagram. But wordpress gives me more options and flexibility. Also BTW wordpress mobile client is awesome.

As of now I am testing my checkin plugin on Once it stabilizes I will deploy it to this blog and write in detail. I think its pretty cool.

I have an EPIC drive page for this road trip. You will get to know everything about this travel from there. Ping me @thej on twitter or leave a comment here if you want to participate in any way or help me with this roadtrip.

18 Responses

  1. Sanjay Nayak says:

    All the best Thej. Hope you keep us updated with posts and photos on a regular basis.

  2. Priyadarshini says:

    Thats awesome. All the very best.

  3. Dharini says:

    All the best!! Do let me know if you need any help in Delhi.

  4. Good Luck Thej!

    I see Ahmedabad on your map, last time you took your bike around, we met there. This time we will meet once you are back! :)

  5. Chaitanya says:

    All the best Thej. I will be keeping an eye on your trip.

  6. Sanjeev Ranjan says:

    Why you are not going for Buddha Circuit (Saarnath, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Nanad etc.)

  7. ManojBajpe says:

    Bon Voyage!!!! Truly Epic drive!! Will follow as you blog…

  8. Prashanth says:

    This is truly epic! Good luck & have a safe trip.
    And share the plugin with us :)

    • Thejesh GN says:

      Thank you. I will put the plugin on WordPress once the testing is complete. An example checkin will look like and also all checkins from a single trip will get aggregated on a map. So that kind of works like a summary. Give me couple of days I will blog about it and share the plugin as well.

  9. All the best for your drive

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