Quantified Self

Like many of my readers I believe in Quantified Self. I believe in measuring most aspects of my life and reviewing it. I used various web platforms to do it. But the problem is sharing. Yes. Sharing.

Most platforms allow you to share the data with them but wont allow to share the same with rest of the world. Even if they do through APIs, they become the gatekeepers and mostly doesn't allow me to attach a license. So just like how my DNA is shared using various platforms and just regular open web, I am planning to share the rest of the data through open web. To begin with I am moving my Reading and Movie Watching habits. I will probably add more as I go.

They are shared as simple html tables. Easy to scrape or download. The page also has some graphs to give an idea.

Screenshot from 2015-11-30 23:45:52

It's all part of my WordPress setup. Let me know if it interests you. I can share the process and some code.

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