Its 5:30 AM. I am up because our maid is here and Max is up. Yes. We adopted Max yesterday. This was his first night at our home. He wasn't totally comfortable because ours is his third new home is last five months and he is ten+ years old. We are hoping he will settle soon, otherwise he has been a gentleman.

First day for us with Max
First day for us with Max

Both me and my sister dreamed of getting a dog (not any other pet) since we were kids. Once she even picked up a puppy on the way to home from School. She was asked return the puppy. We weren't allowed to have one mostly because there was no one to take care and my parents had lost couple of pets already. So it was a long wait. Anju loves dogs equally. When she saw Max was available for adoption, she wanted to adopt him. On our first visit he was all over us and whatever a little hesitation we had vanished.

Now he is here. We are very happy.

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  1. It’s my long time dream too to get a dog for myself. And I face the same hurdles. The wait is killing me.

  2. Ananya says:

    Hey want a loving dog it is
    so cute..!!

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