Challenges for Open Data – India

Recently Carl Malamud who runs Public.Resource.Org and Sam Pitroda were in town to talk about Right to Information and Knowledge. I was asked to talk about Open Data Community in India. This post is my notes.

Carl Malamud and Dr. Sam Pitroda

Carl Malamud and Dr. Sam Pitroda

Intro: 1 Minute

I am Thejesh, I am one of the co-founder of DataMeet, Community of Open Data enthusiasts from India. We are like the stackoverflow for Open Data Community in India. I am talking here on behalf of community which includes individuals from public, private and not for profit sector.

Challenges for Open Data in India and what we are doing as a community.

Availability:  1 Minute

Community: 1 Minute

  • DataMeet community has members from government, private and civic society
  • We have an email list to help community
  • Collect, Clean, Host Data
  • We believe in Free Software and Open Source Software and Data.
  • We host OpenDataCamp, Workshops etc
  • We write letters,  comment on RFCs etc

Privacy: 1 Minute

End note: 1 Minute

I welcome you to join the email list and participate. We have only one rule - be nice. Some of the project links are below.