Barack Obama

Obama is probably the best POTUS that I have seen in my lifetime. When he ran for his for office first time in 2008, I followed him everywhere on-line. Even though I had my doubts I wished US will choose its first black president. When he got elected I couldn't believe myself but was very happy. But happiness didn’t stay long, I wanted CHANGE to happen fast and in very visible way. There were lots of things I was unhappy with his administration including killing FOIA reform bills, Syrian Airstrikes, Aaron Swartz, Handling Manning, NSA Spying etc

When Anju forwarded me the application form for Obama foundation town-hall. I was doubtful of getting an invite considering how much I have criticized his administration in the past. But I applied thinking if I get a chance, I would want to thank him for couple of things, one of them being pardoning Chelsea Manning. And to my surprise I did get an invite and got the privilege of asking him a question. I had two questions in my head, I asked the first one

  1. How do you build consensus with people who don’t agree with you, especially in the political environment we live in.
  2. What's your opinion on role of civil disobedience in change making given both countries have rich history of it

You can see his response in the video below.

Yes, I did thank him. Also he is smart, witty, sensible and still the best POTUS of our times.

3 Responses

  1. sreeharsha says:

    Incredibly moving and deep and connecting it is when he talks. But I too always think what happens to all this when he was in power and still thousand of American corporations have screwed millions of human and environmental rights across the world and in America. But also listening to his talk, incremental change does sound what it is, and I think he would have done his best for the same, especially comparing to the clown POTUS or NAMO.
    Also his answer to you was very solid and reaffirm on how to build relationships with the minute commonalities we have. Very important in current times.
    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts, always a delight, big fan of Datameet and it’s people.

  2. Gopinath Subbegowda says:

    Thank you Thejesh for posting this. I really enjoyed watching Obama take on questions..!!

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