The Year that was 2017

Year 2017 has been a mixed bag. I really enjoyed parts of it, I struggled through other parts, I fell sick, Got things done etc. But now at the end of the year, if I look back I am very happy about the way 2017 turned out.

  • Appa and I went on a great road trip earlier this year. I fell sick after coming back. I was out of action for two months. But I really enjoyed being on road with him. I want to do one more road trip with him in 2018
  • Nisha is officially leaving India. It’s a great loss personally and to DataMeet. I don’t think anyone can take her place.
  • Anju and I can’t imagine our life without Max
    Max and Thej by Anju

    Max and Thej by Anju

  • I got to see Obama and present DataMeet’s recommendations to FM and his team for next budget
  • I will continue to work for NPTEL and we had a great year serving millions. I wrote for FactorDaily, worked for DataMeet, Mavrix, Walk-in, BuzzIndia, OpenCity. I am very happy about the work situation.
  • I started a series called DataCanLie
  • I still don’t have Aadhaar. I am resisting getting one as long as possible. I wrote a few posts this year on Aadhaar. Feedback is welcome.
  • I wrote a couple of posts in Kannada on Amma and I want to write more this year. There is so much to write about her. And much thanks to my friend Supriya for editing posts.
  • Would love to get back to podcasting this year
  • Books: Not enough this year. 21 books in all. I want to read at least 40 and would be very happy if I reach 52 in 2018.
  • Movies: Watched a lot this year. 84 in all in 7 languages (Kannada, English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi). Like to restrict it to 52 at max in 2018.
  • Podcasts: A lot. At least 600 hours
  • Code/Github: Not bad. I have figured a new way to track. Net year we will have better logs.
    Public Code Contribution 2017

    Public Code Contribution 2017

  • I started this tradition of year end posts 10 years back in 2007. Time flies.

5 Responses

  1. Supriya says:

    You should write more Thej :) Editing always welcome :)

  2. Chaitanya says:

    That was a great year, Thej! Here’s to 2018.

  3. Ananya says:

    While reading your article i really enjoyed..!!
    Keep posting waiting for next update