Personal Liberty is Dead

I was sick today but the taxman won't care about that. He doesn't even care that I have been paying tax from the day I took my first job, very honestly 1. This taxman wants to know its me who is paying tax. I still don't know who he thought was paying the tax for a decade now! Anyway to do tax returns this year one needs "voluntary" Aadhaar number. I had to surrender my personal liberty so I can pay my taxes, like an honest citizen. God (if you exist) save this country.

I have fever and my stomach isn't doing well. I will write in detail. But for now my Personal Liberty is Dead.

  1. He himself has sent me certificates

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  1. Hey Thej… I am looking forward to your next part on this. From my guestimation, I am already giving up something to pay taxes here in the US?!