Taste Map of My Life

How do you know what matters to you in life and how do you measure it over time? For a while I have been thinking about this. I thought about various ways of representing it. But something about the taste maps on coffee packs, inspired me to come up with this.

This is the taste map of my life. There are ten prominent areas that matter to me at this point. Health, Wealth, Location, Family, Family, Friends, Love, Learning, Work, Leisure and at last Self. The last one "Self" was called "Ego" first but then I changed it to Self. This "Self" includes inner peace, happiness, self worth etc that's not covered by the term "Ego". The rest of the parameters are self explanatory.

Overall, It looks like I am doing okay. Over the years, It will help me to see how my life and its priorities have changed. I know that my priorities have changes in the last 20 years but I really don't know exactly when and how. This should help future me to figure.

I turned 39 today. All of this is probably because of that.


  1. You will have to open in a browser to see the taste map
  2. The radar chart is based on design/code by Nadieh Bremer and uses awesome d3.js

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  1. Uday says:

    Belated happy B’day Thejesh. I have been following your blog for a while and find it very interesting specially your work on open data.