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What a crazy year this has been. I don’t know how to keep track of time. I am 41 today, and it seems like a year passed in second. Anyway, I am blessed that my life and life of people around me have been okay. We survived.

Taste Maps of my life 2019

Taste Map of My Life

How do you know what matters to you in life and how do you measure it over time? For a while I have been thinking about this. I thought about various ways of representing it. But something about the taste maps on coffee packs, inspired me to come up with this. This is...


I turn 36 today. I didn’t think what I wrote last year would come into effect so fast. Life is really short. Amma isn’t here anymore. It felt like someone pressed a button somewhere and everything was over. I miss her but I am also very proud and happy when I look at...