Linked List: Three FOSS Apps for best Podcast Listening Experience

I started listening to the podcasts Circa 2007 with TWIT and BOL. I still listen to random episodes of TWIT. BOL doesn't exist anymore; but I do catch up with Tom Merritt on TNT. I miss Molly Wood and Veronica Belmont. Today I listen to a lot of podcasts. These are the tools that I use to listen, bookmark and refer later etc


AntennaPod is a podcast player that is completely open. The app is open-source and you can subscribe to any RSS feed. AntennaPod is built by volunteers without commercial interest, so it respects your privacy while giving you full control.


It's FOSS and is available on Playstore and Fdroid. If required, you can use a third-party system like to maintain the subscriptions and sync the device. I use the episode share feature to bookmark the episode with notes and time into pinboard. You can use any other service too. For example, you can send that to your notes application.

If you like PWAs then 1tuner is a good app. It's FOSS, runs in your browser, can subscribe to radio stations and podcasts.


It's like a read-it-later for Podcasts or any audio files on the internet. Once you register, it gives you a personal RSS feed. You can subscribe to that in your favorite podcatcher. It also gives you a bookmarklet, which you can add to your browser bar. When you are on a web page and if you find any audio file or episode interesting. Just click on the bookmarklet, and it gets added to your subscription feed; that way it's on your player to listen next.

Huffduf-video is a companion site, where you can give any video URLs (Youtube, Vimeo), etc. It then converts it into audio, hosts it for you1 and adds to your huffduff feed to listen to.

Try Huffduffer and Huffduffer Video.

Huffduffer is not FOSS but Huffduffer Video is. I am planning to sync the Huffduffer video to my homebrew JSONFeed river. The way I will have my own service.


This tool is not a podcast but a copyright-free audiobook service. It chooses to deliver the book chapters using the same technology which powers podcasts, i.e, RSS feeds. Hence I have added it here.

So you can listen to the best public domain audiobooks in your standard podcast player by subscribing to a book. You don't need a separate app.

To make all books in the public domain available, narrated by real people and distributed for free, in audio format on the internet.


You can also contribute by reading books.

  1. For 30 days