SET Religion = NULL

People who know me already know this in some form or other. But this makes it official. The religion I was born into never made sense. Actually, as of now, none of them make any sense to me. So it's NULL now.

This doesn't mean I will stop others. It also doesn't mean I will stop going to church or monastery or mosque or other places. Mostly because I love architecture, and belief systems are my area of interest. So you will still find me in those places watching things, people and eating good food. I also have nothing against people cleaning houses, lighting lamps or decorating trees, etc. I believe in a secular society.

There I said it. It only took 40 years.

Will I go the legal way to get it nullified? I don't know yet. Do you have any experience of how to go about it?

2 Responses

  1. jurid says:

    For a 3rd of my life (closing 40 now) – I’d never heard of Deism. Although rightly confused about absurdity of religion & things, I did consider that I belonged to a religion / caste / gothra etc. Then the ideas of Deism/Enlightenment was the right gateway to come of out it eventually. It is so unfortunate the ideas of Deism ((non)religion of Founding fathers & enlightenment period) was never heard while growing up.

    If you do consider giving a name to religion other than NULL – you can try Deism.

    Atleast, it would help spread the word & awareness :)