Updates : NMG/2021


I sent an email to the announcement list on April 14th but didn't blog about it here. I should have, especially because many are not on the announcement list. Sorry about that. You can join the NMG announcement list by sending an email to nmg-announce+subscribe@thejeshgn.com; say hello.

TLDR: Results of NMG2021 have been postponed by four weeks due to personal reasons. We will announce it on May 14th.

Members of my family are COVID +ve. They are stable currently. But I am not in a mindspace to work on the NMG2021. The news and how COVID-19 is handled in India make it worse.

We1 did go through the extensive list, and we have reduced it to the top 20. It's taking time for us to reduce the list to the top 5 (or less). Given my current situation, it will take at least till May 14th to announce. I hope you understand.

Take care of yourself, family and friends.

Hugs and Love,


  1. Gangadhar, a Friend of NMG, has added another 1L to the pool. So this year, the pool will be 2Lakh. So that's a piece of happy news.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I hope your family is doing well now. I wanted to ask if there are any updates on this

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