What a crazy year this has been. I don't know how to keep track of time. I am 41 today, and it seems like a year passed in second. Anyway, I am blessed that my life and life of people around me have been okay. We survived. I will probably write a longer post later. But thank you for the wishes.

As usual here👆 is my life radar. It has changed a bit from last year.

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  1. Happy Birthday Thej! 41 – so young… :)


  2. kanagu says:

    Happy birthday bro :)

  3. Vinod Menon says:

    Belated happy birthday greetings Thej. Last year changed the lives of millions of people. You played a very critical role as an influencer using the skillsets that you have. I am sure you made a difference in several ways you may not know. More power to you.

  4. Sharad says:

    Happy birthday!


    Happy Birthday Thej!

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