I was in Mumbai for work. Since Anju was with me, we spent a couple of evenings eating, walking around, and buying books.

On day one, we went to Americano, Bombay, by Chef Alex Sanchez and Mallyeka Watsa. What amazing food. My favorites were Duck Ravioli, Rigatoni Arrabiata (Pasta), and Americano (Vermouth and Campari-based cocktail). I was so involved; I forgot to take photographs. They have an Instagram if you like to check.

Walking aroun Americano, Bombay

We went to Cafe Mommyjoon in Bandra on the last day, serving Persian food. Started by Chef Seema Sadequian and Priya Dutt, it serves nostalgia and books along with authentic food.

It's late Sunil Dutt's office, now converted into cafe. It has a lot of books owned by them which is a plus. We had lots of Chai E Saadeh, Barbari, Persian Platter (Chicken koobideh , lamb koobideh, joojeh kabab, chenjeh kabob) and Zereshk Polow.

Chai E Saadeh. reminds me of tea I had in Kashmir.

We went to a book store called Trilogy curated book store and library. It's inside a gully. But it has a fantastic variety of books. We were in a bookstore after nearly two years. So we spent a lot of money :)

We went overboard at the book store

Then we got some coffee and croissants at Subko before catching a plane back to Bangalore.

I will take more pictures and map postboxes when I am there next time :)

3 Responses

  1. Pradeep says:

    Hello Thejesh,

    In the paragraph below Cafe Mommyjoon, you say, “It’s late Sunil Dutt’s office, now converted into an office.”

    I think you mean, converted into a cafe.

  2. Harshit Katiyar says:

    Hi Thej Sir,
    These feel-good simple kind of posts from you make me want to comment, even when I don’t have much to say, so that you know that I feel happier reading these.
    And yeah please take more photos :)