GeoJSON and WordPress

I have been using maps inside WordPress using Maps Maker Pro. You can see all my major road trips were mapped using that. I like it so much that I paid for it. But recently, I have been thinking about moving map content outside WordPress and maybe using WordPress only to display. Then came the question of how and where to store GIS content.

So I went back to my trusted CouchDB to store the GeoJSON. And use Leaflet Map to display the GeoJSON. It doesn't have the features of Maps Maker Pro, but it does an excellent job of showing GeoJSON and its FOSS.

So any map is just a GeoJSON file that I can use any of my favorite GIS tools to edit. It's stored and served by CouchDB. I don't have any case for performing GIS functions on the data, so it works. It's just a URL that can be used anywhere. Also, since it's served through a CDN, it's fast. Now I am slowly migrating my map content.

For example I have a small Craft Beer Walk Path project. It has its own page but i have embedded the same here too.

I miss mapping the posts to geolocation ( I don't do that much), filtering them. I also miss creating a new layer by remixing features. Maybe one day, I will store the individual GeoJSON features as a separate CouchDB document and combine them dynamically to form a FeatureCollection. Currently, I store the whole FeatureCollection as a single document.