Weekly Notes 37/2022

Echo and Pathu like long walks. I do like long walks with them. Usually, it isn't easy in Bangalore with lots of traffic. But here in Thrissur, they go for long walks on pretty roads.

Walking path that we take every day
  • My current laptop, an Asus Zenbook, is six years old this month. It was an average-spec laptop then and is still. But it has survived the travels and usage. It's my primary workhorse; I code, watch, read and write on that machine. I did upgrade the HD to 512GB SSD and RAM to 12GB (the max it can take). I have been using Ubuntu from day one. It is still doing very well. I have no intentions of changing. Currently, It shares some load with LC230. LC230 (Liberated ThinkPad X230) is usually used as my second machine while traveling. At HO, I remote login into it and do some processing. I added it to my HO and travel pack last year. I am saying all this because, with some care and upgrades, the modern average laptop + Linux combo can work for you for a long time. This is why my next laptop will be something like Framework.
  • It was a busy week. I watched a bit of 19(1)(a), and it looks interesting. I will watch it again.
  • Politically and historically, walks have been very powerful in bringing folks together in India. I can see that @RahulGandhi is gathering folks on the way. There will be a lot of distractions, but I hope they focus on the motto of unity and love. #BharatJodoYatra
  • Slowly I am moving all my map data into GeoJSON format, stored inside a CouchDB database as a document. This makes it easy to manage it. There are some GPX tracks that I upload to WordPress directly. I rarely update GPX files. So it shouldn't be a problem. I use a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin called Leaflet Maps to display them here. I also use Extensions for Leaflet Map for additional functionality. Both are FOSS and also built on top of Leaflet. The fact that data is stored in a DB makes the possibility of reuse easy. Here is an example map of Travel Locations for Geeks In India.
  • Titles of weekly posts are currently monotonous. Should I add a more descriptive title, say "Weekly Notes 37/2022 - Thinking about e-waste"? Sometimes I think it makes the title interesting, but other times, I think it unnecessarily highlights only a part of the week or forces me to highlight something. 

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