Weekly Notes 38/2022

We are back in Bangalore. The air feels different, for sure. Bangalore has excellent weather but the air? I don't know anymore.

  • I have VINDRIKTNING, which is an air quality sensor from IKEA. It's not connected to their TRÅDFRI smart systems. I will hack it to insert an ESP32 and make it report to the Home Assistant. That way, I can add it to my dashboard; the visual clues are currently good enough to start the air purifier (it's manual, anyway). It's now used only in the bedroom. I plan to get a couple of cleaners for my HO (Home Office) and Anju's HO as we spend more time at home. Ideally, the ones that report air quality will be great. If it reports to my Home Assistant that would be great. I will share the details once my research is complete.
Alerts from Home Assistant
  • I have an old Netatmo sensor in my HO that gives CO2 readings. But I just started paying attention to it, as I keep forgetting to open the windows. Now my home assistant (uses ntfy; of course) sends me an alert to open the windows. Opening windows brings down the CO2 levels inside the room. 
  • Wrote a script to convert my JSON blogring to OPML. I have shared the OPML if you want to use it.