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Since I get Vachanas as a push notification, the probability of me reading it has increased. This encouraged me to add Poem-a-Day to this list. publishes Poem-a-Day every day on its website. My initial idea was to scrape the HTML page and send myself a notification. But has a simple API that exposes that day's Poem. You can access it here.

It's a simple JSON format with both Poem and Poet information.

            "title": "At Sixty-Five",
            "text": "<p><span class=\"long-line\">It was all so different than he expected. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">For years he’d been agnostic; now he meditated. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">For years he’d dreamed of being an artist living abroad; </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">now he reread Baudelaire, Emerson, Bishop. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">He’d never considered marriage . . . </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Still, a force through green <em>did</em> fuse. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, he wore his pants looser. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">No, he didn’t do crosswords in bed. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">No, he didn’t file for Social Security. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, he danced alone in the bathroom mirror, </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">since younger men expected generosity. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Long ago, his thesis had been described as promising, </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">“with psychological heat and the consuming </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">will of nature.” Now he thought, “<em>This</em> then is all.” </span></p>\r\n\r\n<p><span class=\"long-line\">On the rooftop, in pale flickering moonlight, </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">he pondered the annihilated earth. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">At the pond, half-a-mile across was not </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">too far to swim because he seemed to be </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">going toward something. Yes, the love impulse </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">had frequently revealed itself in terms of conflict; </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">but this was an old sound, an austere element. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, he’d been no angel and so what . . . </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, tiny moths emerged from the hall closet. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, the odor of kombucha made him sick. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Yes, he lay for hours pondering the treetops, </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">the matriarchal clouds, the moon. </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">Though his spleen collected melancholy trophies, </span><br />\r\n<span class=\"long-line\">his imagination was not impeded. </span></p>\r\n",
            "soundcloud": "<iframe frameborder=\"0\" height=\"200\" scrolling=\"no\" src=\"\" width=\"100%\"></iframe>",
            "vertical": null,
            "uuid": "a5cafd13-e735-4ae9-b445-28fb2528af1a",
            "alias": "/poem/sixty-five",
            "attribution": "<p>Copyright © 2022 by Henri Cole. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on December 5, 2022, by the Academy of American Poets.</p>\r\n",
            "about": "<p>“I wrote this poem on my birthday.”<br />\r\n—<em>Henri Cole</em></p>\r\n"
            "name": "Henri Cole",
            "alias": "/poet/henri-cole",
            "image": ""

I used Node-Red to format this JSON into the format NTFY requires, along with view actions in case I want to share the URL with folks or read more about the poet. Below is that piece of javascript code in Node-Red. It's important to remember that NTFY supports only text format. So it's required to remove the HTML tags. I have used simple regex to do that. You can add a line break by adding \n if you want.

Node-Red flow for daily inspiration
poem_payload = msg.payload

msg.headers = {}
msg.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json';
html = poem_payload[0].poem.text;
text = html.replace(/<[^>]+>/g, '');
poem = ""+poem_payload[0].poem.alias
poet = ""+poem_payload[0].poet.alias;

payload = {
    "topic": "personal",
    "priority": 4,
    "tags": [
    "title": poem_payload[0].poem.title +" by " + poem_payload[0],
    "message": text,
    "actions": [{ "action": "view", "label": "Poem", "url": poem }, { "action": "view", "label": "Poet", "url": poet }]
msg.payload = payload

return msg;

Also you could choose a different channel for each of this subscription. That way you can get them on different devices based on your preference.

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