Weekly Notes 02/2023

One big rule we follow at Peppo team is - Be Nice to each other and everyone with whom you work. It makes a lot of difference. If you look at DataMeet's code of conduct. It's the first rule. I sincerely believe in it and take it wherever I go. We can't build organizations or teams without being nice to each other. When I see broken teams, most often than not, this is the rule that would have made a difference. Whats your one rule while working in a team?

Pathu and Echo investigating an intruder (cat).
Pathu and Echo investigating an intruder (cat)
  • Thanks to the tip by the reader. I have updated the page License free bands in India with the details from GSR 853 (E). This one is regarding frequencies used by Short Range Devices.
  • For 40 years, I didn't care about my teeth, though my parents wanted to and often took me to dentists as a kid. As an adult, I completely ignored it. Thankfully I have excellent dentists at ORC (Oral Rehabilitation Center) in Bangalore. I started getting it fixed (long-term) a couple of years back. This week I had an emergency; toothaches are difficult to manage. Thankfully, ORC's friends - Sthetica Dental in Thrissur, took care of it. They are amazing if you are looking for Dentists in Thrissur.
  • In last week's blog, I missed adding the NMG logo ( I added it later) to the post. So go ahead and let me know how it looks.
  • I have been primarily using hotels in India. This time, in Mumbai, I tried Airbnb after a long time. It was very clean, the bathroom was excellent, AC worked, and the host was friendly as advertised. Now that we have plans to travel along with Echo and Pathu, AirBNB is a better option.
  • Airport stays are still painful. There are no libraries in Bangalore or Mumbai Airport, and I wonder why? I saw a book corner in a lounge at Bangalore airport, but it was below average. Do folks still do bookcrossing? I plan to leave books on coffee tables next time I travel.
  •  Also, why are stays in airports expensive? Mumbai Airport at least had a decent shower facility at Aviserv Arrival Lounge. It was clean, spacious, and good. I can recommend it. 
  • I now follow my fellow bloggers Shrinivasan and Bibhas, who also write weekly notes. I usually subscribe to the specific tag, and they are under a folder called "Weekly Notes" in my RSS reader. It does feel like I am reading a letter. It makes me happy.If you write Weekly Notes or updates, ping me, I would also like to read them.

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3 Responses

  1. Sai Krishna Dammalapati says:

    Hi Thejesh! Your weekly notes are very soothing to read. They are informative at the same time. I got to know about technology, DIY personal assistance apps etc., through them. Felt that one can communicate simply through personal story telling rather than writing serious blogs.

    And that inspired me to write weekly letters to my family, friends and extended network. Writing in both English and Telugu. Posting the first letter to you :) https://open.substack.com/pub/dsaikrishna/p/weekly-letter-032023?r=6q2qf&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

    • Thejesh GN says:

      Thank you for letting me know. I have subscribed using feed reader. I have been converting all my email subscriptions to feed subscriptions.

      I like to and happy to read personal updates.

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