Weekly Notes 07/2023

News this week was very disturbing and heart-wrenching. One is from IIT Bombay, where a Dalit student committed suicide, and another is about Bangalore's Jain university students' very casteist mad ads play. All in the same week. How is it our educational institutions are failing so badly? 

  • Experimenting with Minetest continues; I wrote a blog post about Communicating with Minetest Server Using APIs as a result. I want a simple Python API that I can share with my niece and nephew where they can control the world inside Minetest using Python API. What better way to teach loops than making Sam (the main character in Minetest) go around in circles? I was able to configure a socket mod and do some things (linked blog post above). I plan to add a Python API layer on top of it, like Joy by Anand, which is 2D. Joy, if you have not tried it, please do. It's simple and fun. I will keep you updated as I make progress.
  • microblogpub is picking up the speed. I see many instances running on it now. I have been running it on Fly.io for a while now. Except for once a month, running some scripts to clean up the stuff. I don't have to do much. I am a happy user of it
  • We watched Pathaan, mostly for charming SRK.
  • I have realized even the most excellent and detailed documentation doesn't help sometimes. It has to be a human doing the KT; I realize how difficult the job of DevRel is. 
A new mattress for pathu.
A new mattress for pathu.

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