Weekly Notes 08/2023

I have been a professional engineer for 20 years now. I started in Jan/2003 as a Software Engineer for Infosys and Mysore. It was my first paid job. Ideally, I should have written about it in Weekly Notes 02/2023; I somehow missed it. Anyway, It's been an exciting 20 years, and I hope I have another 20 years in me. I want to cover aspects of it separately throughout this year. Here is the first post listing things that I probably want to cover.

Not a happy echo in i.blue
  •  A bunch of friends are running a project called #RECLAIMCONSTITUTION. Currently, they will send you 24 postcards and a small info booklet made from the pages of the Indian Constitution and constituent assembly debates. Go ahead and get them. Also, it's a good reason to send postcards to your friends. Suppose you are reading this and want a postcard from me. Send your snail-mail address by email - [ i @ thejeshgn .com ] . I will send you. 
  • We were at the farm this week. It has changed a lot and for good. The following 12 to 18 months will be interesting. We used imperial blue for this first semi-long drive. Echo was not happy sitting in the third row. On our way back, we folded the third row flat, which gave them a ton of space. They were happy and also slept well. I am pleased about the decision to buy i.blue. 
  • Panoptic Tracker by IFF and TNM have started covering the CCTV surveillance in Bengaluru. Here is the introductory post by them. They embed the surveillance in Bengaluru project map. We will continue to map the cameras in Bangalore.
  • I want to build physical and virtual visualization of surveillance in Bangalore. I have a couple of ideas. I want more ideas and also if you like to collaborate. Do let me know - [ i @ thejeshgn .com ]. I would love to work with you. 
  • Nagarathna Memorial Grant – 2023, applications will close on March 15th. That's less than a month. If you know anyone interested, please share with them. 

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