Weekly Notes 49/2023

Since it's the last few weeks of the year, I have started working on the reflection on the year to write my year-end coverage post series called The Year That Was. This year, I am also thinking about what my focus should be in 2024. I have not done that before, at least consciously, except for sharing New Year's Resolutions in haste, which has rarely worked. 

This year, I want to put more effort and work on it consciously. I may not blog about it to avoid unnecessary pressure. I plan to publish the results of it at the end of the year 2024. Anyway, I have started working on it. I have a bucket list, which is a list of long-term goals and not specific for any year. But it is undoubtedly one of the source materials for yearly goals.

Tree in Cubbon Park. They have numbers now.
Tree in Cubbon Park. They have numbers now.
  • It's also time I send a small survey to friends and colleagues about my work with them. I usually send a simple, personal survey yearly, and the responses are only for me. I am making minor updates to this year.
  • I wrote a blog post about our entry into parenthood.
  • I will only be able to convert some maps before the year ends. Over the years, I have had 400+ map items within WordPress. For now, I have converted at least 25% of them. I will continue to do more in the coming weeks.
  • I was near Cubbon Park for some government work this week. I spent about 45 minutes walking in the park during the lunchtime. It's such a beautiful place in the middle of the city, and I mapped a few things while I was there.

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