Weekly Notes 01/2024

Hi, Hello, Namasakaara; welcome to yet another year. I wrote my usual year-end blog post called - The Year that was 2023 on the last of the year. I have been doing that every year since 2007.1 I also read similar summary posts or forward looking posts by others this week. They are very inspiring. 

  • We have recovered and are back in business. I started the new year very well. It's been a good and productive week.
  • Since I spend a lot of time in Thrissur, i.e., three to four weeks in a quarter, I wanted a multi-monitor system I could use anywhere. So I did. It's been very useful. This week, I blogged about those portable monitors I use.
  • We went to Vadanapally Beach this week. This is our second visit to this beach. I like it because it's mostly empty and clean. It's not swimmer-friendly, but we just want to watch and hear the ocean. I took a panoramic view picture this time, uploaded it to Commons, and linked it on OSM.
  • It's good to see the vandalism of boards in Bengaluru triggered so many people on social-media/TV in the same month when a temple is being inaugurated on the biggest site of vandalism in the history of Independent India. In fact, Vandals became PM and HM at one point. What does this say to future vandals?

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